What’s the benefit of being evaluated by a board certified psychiatrist when anyone can pay a nominal fee to obtain ADHD meds from online shops with “prescribers” who don’t have the training and experience of board-certified psychiatrists.

ADHD is often co-morbid with other diagnoses that need to be ruled out or carefully considered prior to resuming medications for ADHD that can exacerbate certain conditions and lead to dangerous outcomes. 

Would the service be able to provide assistance in seeking accommodations at work or school for ADHD? 

Yes, a report can be provided for accommodation. The service can complete forms that may be required for work or school.

How does the process work at W Psychiatry?

Once the questionnaire and screening test have been submitted, a determination will be made as to whether or not further investigation for ADHD is warranted. Details regarding the cost, payment, and available time slots for an intake appointment will be provided.  Much of the evaluation is performed during the initial visit, during which the psychiatrist will begin to formulate a treatment plan for any diagnosis. 


If you are interested in booking an appointment for an ADHD assesment, please complete the questionnaire and take the ADHD screening test.